June 1, 2021

Antigua & Barbuda, Leadership


Asot Michael is a principled and famous leader when it comes to politics involving the government of Antigua and Barbuda. When it comes to his political career, he says that the pioneers of the Antigua Labour Party had goals and visions for their party. Therefore, to offer aid towards actualizing these goals, it was inescapable for Asot Michael not to join politics. Michael says that as the Antiguans, they are pleased and inclined to make the nation productive. Michael took part in the 2021 budget 2021. 


Asot Michael says that the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party is about transparency, innovation as well as accountability. It believes in giving its citizens proper satisfaction in service delivery. He encourages the hopefulness of bringing back the growth in the economy. Asot Michael warns that the 2021 budget should look keenly into the future with great confidence considering the ongoing pandemic. He insists that the responsibility at hand is to design a productive economy while greatly considering past experiences. 


This is because out of the past experiences, lessons are gained. He adds that the opportunities realized should also be used maximumly. Apart from being a great political leader, Asot Michael is also a great scholar who has won the award for high scholastic achievement. In his speech at a graduation ceremony in St Joseph Academy, Asot Michael encourages the graduates to ensure that the excellence they have acquired to graduate from the school may not decline. He emphasizes that they are determined to carry St Joseph’s legacy wherever they go when they leave the school. 

Michael adds that it will be reflected in their venture of accomplishments. Honorable Asot Michael was the minister for Tourism back in the year 2015. In a meeting whose main objective was to boost the tourism sector, Michael says that the country would be merely a barren land without tourism. According to Asot Michael, this is because It is an essential sector to society, including everyone living in it. Michael says impossible is just but an opinion and not a fact. Therefore, they have to lay out proper strategies for accomplishing the sector with a bit of time. He says the government will try hard to avail of the assets needed.