A Recap of Mike Heiligenstein and Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Inside Story

Mike has made an incredible career in the development of infrastructure in Central Texas. He is currently working as the CEO Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. Mike represented the people of central Texas area by serving as an elected official for more than 20yrs by helping lead efforts to expand infrastructure, water, and sewerage projects.

As an elected official, Mike Heiligenstein served as a chair of Clean Air Force of Texas and regional MPO and helped lead other community initiatives. Mike has been a speaker to several groups about infrastructure, especially transportation, and is known for his glaring problem-solving techniques.

Mike served as a board member at WTS Heart of Texas Chapter, Texas Department of Transportation’s Texas Technology Task Force, Advisory Council of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute and was selected by other national peers to be the President at International Bridge.


Mike attended the University of Texas. He holds a master’s degree in government and business and administration.

About Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority

The mobility is an independent government agency that was created in 2002 to design a modern, regional transportation network in central Texas. The body started to operate in 2003 when Mike was chosen to head the board.

Before Mike took over the agency, it had no revenue, faced stiff competition, and had no roadways under construction. Currently, the agency has a plan in place where they will control assets worth $4 billion in assets and revenue income is expected to rise to $136.5 million by 2020.

The mission of the company is to come up with innovative multi-modal transportation solutions that reduce congestion on the roads to enhance the quality of life in the area. A board of directors with seven members oversees the company.

They use private contractors with specialized expertise to provide staffing support for major projects. The company is legally registered under the Texas Transportation Code Chapter 370 and is authorized to oversee seaports, roadways, airports, and transit service projects. The company has been allowed to issue revenue bonds to fund major projects then repay bonds later.

Recap of the article

The article was about a panel discussion between the famous figures in the transport sector. The discussion revolves around how technology has changed and keeps changing the transportation industry across the globe.

Mike noted how technologies such as ridesharing apps and driverless cars could radically change the transport infrastructure. He added that Austin area has a long way to go in improving infrastructure.

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