Fabletics Provide Affordable and Fashionable Athleisure Product Range

These days it is essential for the companies to take into the account what the customers are saying about the company online. Thanks to the internet revolution, the people’s voice has become stronger than ever before, and if the companies do not deliver what they promise, customers have the right to take up their case at least online. There are many sites where customers gather to provide their feedback and review about the companies whose products and services they have tried. What the customers feel about the product and whether they received the value for money services or not can make a lot of difference in deciding the fate of the company. If there are too many negative reviews about a company online, it would positively reflect on their sales and the shrinking customer base.


However, companies that are true to their business and customers would also be showered with love and support from their loyal customers, and it is what has been happening with Fabletics. It is a highly reputed and famous athleisure wear brand that was launched in 2013 by the Techstyle Fashion Group, a company co-owned by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. They have worked together in several other ventures in the past, including the famous Intelligent Beauty venture. With Fabletics, they even asked for Kate Hudson to become one of the co-owners, an offer she gladly accepted. It is because she has an excellent fashion sense and is known as a fitness diva among the target audience. The active and fit lifestyle is what Fabletics is all about, and it is what makes Kate Hudson the perfect co-owner that Adam and Don were looking for. The association of Kate Hudson with Fabletics also helped the brand to get that much-needed attention in the over-saturated fashion market.


Kate Hudson believes that the company has achieved massive success and growth in a short span of time is all due to the company’s customer-centric approach. There is a dedicated team that takes into the account what the customers are discussing about Fabletics and its products online, and making their reviews and feedback into consideration has helped in delivering what the customers’ expectations. Kate Hudson says that such a business policy has helped in ensuring that the company’s revenue continues to increase year after year even after massive competition from other bigger companies. At present, the company’s revenue has touched nearly $300 million mark and is expected to grow consistently in the years to come.


Kate Hudson says that at Fabletics, management is not afraid to take risks and has a very well balanced marketing and sales strategy that ensures that the revenue continues to increase. It is with such risk-taking appetite of the company that it launched Fabletics showrooms at many places across the country, and abroad. Shortly, Fabletics would be opening many stores across the globe at strategic venues. It would help the company to penetrate the market further and make the brand more accessible to the customers. Take Lifestyle Quiz at the company’s site today if you are interested in shopping at Fabletics.