A Introduction To The Inspiring Works Of Shafik Sachedina

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is the leader of the Department of Jamati Institutions at Aigelmont, France, the international headquarters of the Aga Khan Development Network (otherwise known as the AKDN). The Aga Khan Development Network is a series of various different private development groups which are all Shia Ismaili Muslims who are dedicated to spreading economic awareness, building community and raising health awareness in the poorer neighborhoods of Asia and Africa. Though the Aga Khan Development Network is primarily operated by Ismaili ethics and standards of practice, the organization is a secular one.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina operates in the organization in the role of organizer and programs manager. Working directly with the Ismaili Muslim community, Dr. Sachedina organizes and plans out the various groups, nationally and internationally and also endeavors in all of their principal areas of interest, such as education, development, health, rural advancement, culture and infrastructure creation and maintenance, to name but a few. Shafik Sachedina is, perhaps, best known internationally for organizing a diplomatic delegation for the Aga Khan Foundation to Russia where the doctor and his compatriots met with Russian Foreign Minister, Mikhail Bogdanov in October of 2017.

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Mr. Shafik was born in 1950 in Dare Salaam, Tanzania and began his career as a dental surgeon in the 1970s in Guy’s Hospital Mental School and Dental School in London. He then went on to continue his dental practice all throughout London for many, many years whilst branching out into various other sectors of the health care industry. Both his shrewd intelligence as a independent businessman and his deft knowledge of the medical industry both contributed markedly to his consideration for the Aga Khan network. He currently works for the Aga Khan Development Network as a volunteer which speaks volumes about his sincere concerning for world improvement and for helping those individuals from the Asian and African continent who have, for far too long, languished in poverty and destitution.

However, the Aga Khan group and it’s attendant supporters in the Ismaili Muslim community are not the only organizations which the good doctor is currently involved with as he also holds a position within the Ismaili Imamat (spiritual Shi‘i Islam studies organization) community. Dr. Sachedina has also served dutifully, in the past, as the president of the UK’s Ismaili Council.

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