US Money Reserve Holds Meeting About Gold

In the summer of 2017, the company known as US Money Reserve held a meeting to discuss the impact on the precious metal gold. During this meeting, the company looked to provide a comprehensive report about the current state of gold and how it will be valued based on world events. Fortunately for investors, the future looks very bright for anyone who has invested in a considerable amount of this asset. The executives of US Money Reserve have been able to provide their expertise when it comes to giving investors key information. With their help, a number of investors will be better informed about the current and future standing of investing in gold.


The executives of US Money Reserve are confident that gold will continue to be valued quite highly in the future. In order to help keep investors informed about gold and its current value, the company is providing an annual report about the precious metal. With this report, investors will be in better position to get all of the information they need in order to ensure that they continue to grow and expand their portfolio. According to the executives of US Money Reserve, the price and value of gold will often depend on a number of factors such as the state of the economy and world events. If these two things are stable, then the value of gold will stay intact.


US Money Reserve was founded in 2001 in Texas. The company was intended to serve as a dependable retailer of precious metals products. Since this asset can be counterfeited, the company looked to provide investors with a more dependable place to invest in high quality precious metals. Over the years, US Money Reserve has steadily established its reputation as being one of the most trustworthy vendors of precious metals. Along with providing precious metals, the company has also provided information and support to help investors make better decisions whenever they are looking to invest in these assets.


With US Money Reserve, investors can receive a number of products and services that will benefit them when looking to get precious metals. Investors are able to purchase quality products such as gold and silver coins, bars made out of gold and silver and also bullion that comes in either of the two metals. They can also purchase bullion, bars and coins that are made out of platinum as well. Along with getting a number of precious metals, investors can also get access to support in the form of advice and educational materials such as regular reports on the precious metals market.


The eminently qualified, Ronald Fowlkes is the current Business Development Manager for the public company, Eagle Industries Unlimited, Inc. Fowlkes’ base is in St. Louis, MO. From there, he travels across the continental United States educating, servicing, and developing accounts.

Eagle Industries manufactures equipment products for the military, homeland security, and law enforcement agencies. They feature an extensive product line consisting of more than five thousand, high-quality tactical items to include eagle weapon slings, eagle holsters, eagle weapon cases, eagle gear bag, rifle cases, eagle tactical vests, and extraction harnesses.

Fowlkes’ specialty lies in commercial products and law enforcement. His extended responsibilities entail product selection for the evolution of sales, as well as product education for more than 150 sales personnel. His

Hence, the educational opportunities predicated on an individual organization’s specific needs, provide the impetus for on-going product knowledge and safety—as well as state-of-the-art acquisitions.

Ronald Fowlkes has achieved an impressive, comprehensive background–making him the consummate individual for the position he currently holds with Eagle Industries.

Accordingly, education is a strong suit for Fowlkes, and he is a demonstrated leader. He served in the United States Marine Corps for four years, achieving a meritorious promotion more than once.

Moreover, while he was in the military Ronald Fowlkes attended Marine Combat Training at the Marine Corps School of Infantry, and he is a veteran of the First Gulf War.

Thereupon, after his military service, Fowlkes gained employment in Iraq with Department of Defense (DOD) contractor for the United States Army, Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO).

In this capacity, he was a tactical operations instructor for U.S. Military personnel. Similarly, he was involved with hostage rescue, the collecting of evidence, and tactical questioning of captured and detained individuals.

Later, Ronald Fowlkes spent just over thirteen years as a law enforcement officer. During this time, Fowlkes’ team was reportedly engaged in as many as 250 High-Risk entries a year–including gang activity investigations, possession of illegal guns, and narcotics trafficking.

It is therefore clear in the foregoing history of Fowlkes’ career path; Eagle Industries has aimed the right man, Ronald Fowlkes, on the right trajectory, to achieve their ultimate growth potential. END.