US Money Reserve Holds Meeting About Gold

In the summer of 2017, the company known as US Money Reserve held a meeting to discuss the impact on the precious metal gold. During this meeting, the company looked to provide a comprehensive report about the current state of gold and how it will be valued based on world events. Fortunately for investors, the future looks very bright for anyone who has invested in a considerable amount of this asset. The executives of US Money Reserve have been able to provide their expertise when it comes to giving investors key information. With their help, a number of investors will be better informed about the current and future standing of investing in gold.


The executives of US Money Reserve are confident that gold will continue to be valued quite highly in the future. In order to help keep investors informed about gold and its current value, the company is providing an annual report about the precious metal. With this report, investors will be in better position to get all of the information they need in order to ensure that they continue to grow and expand their portfolio. According to the executives of US Money Reserve, the price and value of gold will often depend on a number of factors such as the state of the economy and world events. If these two things are stable, then the value of gold will stay intact.


US Money Reserve was founded in 2001 in Texas. The company was intended to serve as a dependable retailer of precious metals products. Since this asset can be counterfeited, the company looked to provide investors with a more dependable place to invest in high quality precious metals. Over the years, US Money Reserve has steadily established its reputation as being one of the most trustworthy vendors of precious metals. Along with providing precious metals, the company has also provided information and support to help investors make better decisions whenever they are looking to invest in these assets.


With US Money Reserve, investors can receive a number of products and services that will benefit them when looking to get precious metals. Investors are able to purchase quality products such as gold and silver coins, bars made out of gold and silver and also bullion that comes in either of the two metals. They can also purchase bullion, bars and coins that are made out of platinum as well. Along with getting a number of precious metals, investors can also get access to support in the form of advice and educational materials such as regular reports on the precious metals market.


The eminently qualified, Ronald Fowlkes is the current Business Development Manager for the public company, Eagle Industries Unlimited, Inc. Fowlkes’ base is in St. Louis, MO. From there, he travels across the continental United States educating, servicing, and developing accounts.

Eagle Industries manufactures equipment products for the military, homeland security, and law enforcement agencies. They feature an extensive product line consisting of more than five thousand, high-quality tactical items to include eagle weapon slings, eagle holsters, eagle weapon cases, eagle gear bag, rifle cases, eagle tactical vests, and extraction harnesses.

Fowlkes’ specialty lies in commercial products and law enforcement. His extended responsibilities entail product selection for the evolution of sales, as well as product education for more than 150 sales personnel. His

Hence, the educational opportunities predicated on an individual organization’s specific needs, provide the impetus for on-going product knowledge and safety—as well as state-of-the-art acquisitions.

Ronald Fowlkes has achieved an impressive, comprehensive background–making him the consummate individual for the position he currently holds with Eagle Industries.

Accordingly, education is a strong suit for Fowlkes, and he is a demonstrated leader. He served in the United States Marine Corps for four years, achieving a meritorious promotion more than once.

Moreover, while he was in the military Ronald Fowlkes attended Marine Combat Training at the Marine Corps School of Infantry, and he is a veteran of the First Gulf War.

Thereupon, after his military service, Fowlkes gained employment in Iraq with Department of Defense (DOD) contractor for the United States Army, Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO).

In this capacity, he was a tactical operations instructor for U.S. Military personnel. Similarly, he was involved with hostage rescue, the collecting of evidence, and tactical questioning of captured and detained individuals.

Later, Ronald Fowlkes spent just over thirteen years as a law enforcement officer. During this time, Fowlkes’ team was reportedly engaged in as many as 250 High-Risk entries a year–including gang activity investigations, possession of illegal guns, and narcotics trafficking.

It is therefore clear in the foregoing history of Fowlkes’ career path; Eagle Industries has aimed the right man, Ronald Fowlkes, on the right trajectory, to achieve their ultimate growth potential. END.


Aloha Construction

If you live in either southern Wisconsin or Illinois and are looking for a quality construction service, then you are in luck. Aloha Construction company provides high quality service jobs for those in the area. The company has shown great work and has earned themselves a high customer satisfaction rating. They focus heavily on their customers and make sure that they are completely satisfied. The company has workers who are trained in the areas of roofing, siding, gutter work, and door/window work. The workers are polite and hardworking. They will make sure that the job gets done to their absolute best ability. To start off, roofing is a job that you do not want to try to do alone. Roofing takes patience and long hours of labor. Roofers at this company will inspect and access your roof before beginning the job. They will perform a quality job in a timely fashion. The next specialty of workers is siding. Siding is a lot like roofing in that, it can be a grueling process to do alone. Siding is important for a house because it protects it and gives it character. Siders working for Aloha Construction will do the job with close attention to detail and make sure that you are satisfied with the end result. Gutter work is another specialty job for this company. Gutters are used to run water off of a roof and away from the home. If gutters are not properly installed, your home may be at risk of water damage and other complications. Workers at Aloha Construction are experienced and well trained when it comes to gutter work. They can make sure that you will not experience any water build up or damage. Finally, Aloha Construction workers are trained to remove and install doors/windows. This is something that can be tricky to do yourself. If you need help with a door or window job, don’t hesitate to call this company! Aloha Construction not only provides construction services, but they also participate in charitable events on their off time. They are dedicated to helping other people, and Aloha Construction on Facebook.

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A Introduction To The Inspiring Works Of Shafik Sachedina

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is the leader of the Department of Jamati Institutions at Aigelmont, France, the international headquarters of the Aga Khan Development Network (otherwise known as the AKDN). The Aga Khan Development Network is a series of various different private development groups which are all Shia Ismaili Muslims who are dedicated to spreading economic awareness, building community and raising health awareness in the poorer neighborhoods of Asia and Africa. Though the Aga Khan Development Network is primarily operated by Ismaili ethics and standards of practice, the organization is a secular one.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina operates in the organization in the role of organizer and programs manager. Working directly with the Ismaili Muslim community, Dr. Sachedina organizes and plans out the various groups, nationally and internationally and also endeavors in all of their principal areas of interest, such as education, development, health, rural advancement, culture and infrastructure creation and maintenance, to name but a few. Shafik Sachedina is, perhaps, best known internationally for organizing a diplomatic delegation for the Aga Khan Foundation to Russia where the doctor and his compatriots met with Russian Foreign Minister, Mikhail Bogdanov in October of 2017.


Mr. Shafik was born in 1950 in Dare Salaam, Tanzania and began his career as a dental surgeon in the 1970s in Guy’s Hospital Mental School and Dental School in London. He then went on to continue his dental practice all throughout London for many, many years whilst branching out into various other sectors of the health care industry. Both his shrewd intelligence as a independent businessman and his deft knowledge of the medical industry both contributed markedly to his consideration for the Aga Khan network. He currently works for the Aga Khan Development Network as a volunteer which speaks volumes about his sincere concerning for world improvement and for helping those individuals from the Asian and African continent who have, for far too long, languished in poverty and destitution.

However, the Aga Khan group and it’s attendant supporters in the Ismaili Muslim community are not the only organizations which the good doctor is currently involved with as he also holds a position within the Ismaili Imamat (spiritual Shi‘i Islam studies organization) community. Dr. Sachedina has also served dutifully, in the past, as the president of the UK’s Ismaili Council.


Lime Crime Is Calling All Unicorns

Everyone has a story. No matter where you are in life, or our career, the story of how you got there is unique. Because achieving our goals can sometimes seem unattainable, having the opportunity to hear the stories of others can often serve as a true inspiration to us. In hopes of inspiring others to follow their dreams, Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime, a vibrant and eccentric cosmetic line, recently sat down to share several of her secrets and struggles she experienced on the road to success.


Known by her fans and followers as the “Queen of Unicorns”, Deere says that while her brand has experienced a significant amount of success, her journey to entrepreneurship was not always easy.


Born and raised in Russia, Deere has always had a vivid imagination and an intense desire to pursue her dreams. She got her taste of entrepreneurship at just 13 by selling temporary tattoos to her middle school classmates. At the tender age of 17, she left Russia and headed to New York to establish herself as a musician in the U.S. After a few failed attempts at launching her music career, she went back to the drawing board. Always passionate about fashion, makeup and all things colorful, she began to envision her own cosmetic brand. Citing her troubles finding lip colors that matched her style and personality, she set out to reinvent the cosmetic industry by using vibrant, unique colors to enhance pucker power. Learn more:


Using her experience as a musician, Deere self-promoted her brand through Youtube videos and her social media following. Since its launch, Lime Crime has established themselves as leaders in the industry of cosmetics and digital beauty brands. Followers of the brand often referred to as “Unicorns” don these vibrant hues as a form of uninhibited self-expression.

Educationist and Philanthropists-Dick and Betsy DeVos

I am considered a reformer of the education sector; Betsy DeVos. Ever since I joined college at Calvin College I was involved in the school politics and politics have been part and parcel of my life ever since. For more than 30 years I have been at the forefront of leading several political campaigns, political action committees, as well as political organizations. For six years I was the Chairperson of the Republican Party in Michigan. The political blood runs in my family as my husband Dick DeVos is also involved in politics and in 2006 Dick was nominated the Michigan Governor of the Republican Party.

We not only take part in the political world, but we are also involved in the business world which we have also been successful. We are at the forefront of looking for innovative solutions to problems. I Betsy have been the Chairperson of a privately owned organization known as Windquest Group. Windquest multi-national organization is a company that deals with clean energy, manufacturing as well as investing in technology. Together with my husband Dick DeVos we established the organization in 1989. Dick DeVos has been the President of Amway as well as the Orlando Magic NBA franchise. I have been working with a non-profit organization to deliver a wide range of services to the United States of America. Some of the organizations include our family foundation; Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. I have been a member of several other organizations among them; Kids Hope USA, Mars Hill Bible Church, Foundation for Excellence in Education, as well as the DeVos Institute for Arts Management which have their operations at Kennedy Center.

Recently an interview was conducted by philanthropic and the interview went down as listed below.

The Philanthropic asked how I felt about the progress in the education sector and is a pioneer and also an advocate for a quality public education I told them how optimistic I was. To date, there are over 33 public education facilities with private choice options in over 17 States. More than 250000 students benefit from the quality education. Philanthropic asked what interested me to be part of the movement since its establishment and I told them the interest was not on a particular issue. Instead, Dick and I visited the Potter’s House Christian School and saw how the parents were struggling to keep their children in the school we were moved to help some of the parents pay the tuition fee for their children. It has been my duty to ensure that all parents regardless of their location have the opportunity to choose the best school for their children as the students realize their God-given credible.


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Adam Milstein’s success in commercial real estate.

Adam Milstein is one of the most successful real estate investors and a leader in the community. He started investing in real estate in 1983 in southern California, having arrived in The United States in 1981.

Adam Milstein steered the establishment of the Israeli-American council where he is the chairman. He is also a member of organizations such as the Israeli on campus, StandWithUs, AISH Los Angeles, among others.

He is married to Gilla, with whom they have got three children and three grandchildren. Together with Gilla, they are the co-founders of the PijamaB’America.

This organization teaches Jewish values to over 15,000 families in the United States that are Israeli-Jewish-America. PijamaB’America also gives these families free monthly books that are in Hebrews.

He lives in Encino California and is a partner at a private commercial real estate firm called Hager Pacific, and more information click here.


Origin of Hager Pacific

Just before graduating with an MBA in entrepreneurship at USC, there was job recruitment at the campus. Adam Milstein’s life experience and knowledge did not satisfy the recruiters.

Hence he was offered that which was less than what an undergraduate student would make. As a result of this reduced offer, he decided to go his way and become a commercial real estate broker , and resume him.

Over the years, be rose to become an investor.


Activities on a typical day

He says becoming a philanthropist makes his everyday job better. As more work gets accomplished and assets accumulated, there are more structures involved.


Making ideas real

Making follow-ups to ensure nothing goes wrong and pushing these ideas till they become real are the mechanisms he uses to bring ideas to life. He says it’s one responsibility to bring these ideas to life if no one can do it, and


Entrepreneurship success pillars

Adam Milstein says that making follow-ups at work, exercising consistency and refusing to give up on projects makes him a productive entrepreneur.


Advice and business plan

Adam Milstein argues that one should act independent on understanding issues and be part of the solution instead of relying on people. He further advised that it is okay to set goals and never listen to criticism.

Fabletics Provide Affordable and Fashionable Athleisure Product Range

These days it is essential for the companies to take into the account what the customers are saying about the company online. Thanks to the internet revolution, the people’s voice has become stronger than ever before, and if the companies do not deliver what they promise, customers have the right to take up their case at least online. There are many sites where customers gather to provide their feedback and review about the companies whose products and services they have tried. What the customers feel about the product and whether they received the value for money services or not can make a lot of difference in deciding the fate of the company. If there are too many negative reviews about a company online, it would positively reflect on their sales and the shrinking customer base.


However, companies that are true to their business and customers would also be showered with love and support from their loyal customers, and it is what has been happening with Fabletics. It is a highly reputed and famous athleisure wear brand that was launched in 2013 by the Techstyle Fashion Group, a company co-owned by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. They have worked together in several other ventures in the past, including the famous Intelligent Beauty venture. With Fabletics, they even asked for Kate Hudson to become one of the co-owners, an offer she gladly accepted. It is because she has an excellent fashion sense and is known as a fitness diva among the target audience. The active and fit lifestyle is what Fabletics is all about, and it is what makes Kate Hudson the perfect co-owner that Adam and Don were looking for. The association of Kate Hudson with Fabletics also helped the brand to get that much-needed attention in the over-saturated fashion market.


Kate Hudson believes that the company has achieved massive success and growth in a short span of time is all due to the company’s customer-centric approach. There is a dedicated team that takes into the account what the customers are discussing about Fabletics and its products online, and making their reviews and feedback into consideration has helped in delivering what the customers’ expectations. Kate Hudson says that such a business policy has helped in ensuring that the company’s revenue continues to increase year after year even after massive competition from other bigger companies. At present, the company’s revenue has touched nearly $300 million mark and is expected to grow consistently in the years to come.


Kate Hudson says that at Fabletics, management is not afraid to take risks and has a very well balanced marketing and sales strategy that ensures that the revenue continues to increase. It is with such risk-taking appetite of the company that it launched Fabletics showrooms at many places across the country, and abroad. Shortly, Fabletics would be opening many stores across the globe at strategic venues. It would help the company to penetrate the market further and make the brand more accessible to the customers. Take Lifestyle Quiz at the company’s site today if you are interested in shopping at Fabletics.

Imran Haque – Laser Hair Removal

Many patients come to Dr. Imran Haque for laser hair removal. They want to get rid of hair growing in unsightly places on or around their body. This is a common request for cosmetic surgery. Dr. Imran Haque will first educate his patient of the risks and limitations of the procedure and then perform a full examination in order to prep the patient. Laser hair removal is a light procedure that takes only a few sessions to completely remove hair from the desired area. Dr. Imran Haque will focus the laser on the area of the patient’s choice and utilize the power of laser heat focused on the hair follicles to send the hair into a resting phase so it will no longer grow. The effectiveness of the procedure depends on the amount and type of hair on the patient’s body. A few cases require repeated treatments to send the hair back into a resting phase. The only areas that are off limits to the procedure are the eyes and any area on the face. Everywhere else is fair game for hair removal. Dr. Imran Haque works with a patient’s lifestyle and books appointments at both his Asheboro and Ramseur locations and Imran’s lacrosse camp.

Hair removal requires utmost care and confidentiality. Dr. Imran Haque is certified by the board of internal doctors in North Carolina to practice internal medicine and perform procedures. He has been referred to as a “doctor’s doctor” and what Imran Haque knows.

These types of cosmetic procedures are what has made Dr. Imran Haque one of the most trusted physicians in North Carolina. He treats his patients with care and concern. When he is able to change their lives, and create this sort of massive impact, he is satisfied with the pride of a 15-year medical veteran. Dr. Imran Haque is the perfect choice for laser hair removal and resume him.

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George Soros Continues the Fight for U.S. Democracy

The political donor and philanthropist George Soros has recently made an impact on the U.S. political landscape for the second time in the 21st-century in his $25 million in donations made to the campaign of Democrat Hillary Clinton. The Hungarian born Holocaust survivor is reported by Forbes to have built a personal fortune of more than $25 billion and taken his place among the richest people on the planet; what makes the story of George Soros even more impressive is the fact he has created a fortune from the ground up after spending his formative years studying at the London School of Economics working as a waiter and porter to pay for his education and more information click here.

Politico reports the latest installment in George Soros’ important work on the U.S. political front comes amid his personal fears over the racist rhetoric and policy options announced by the majority of Republicans during the 2016 Presidential election cycle. Particular ire was drawn from George Soros by the words and actions of leading Republican candidates, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump; since the election of President Donald Trump to The White House, Soros has pledged his support to the Democracy Alliance he helped found following the election defeat of John Kerry in2004 to incumbent President George W. Bush. During the 2016 Presidential election cycle, George Soros threw his weight behind the campaign of Hillary Clinton and the many different groups who backed her campaign and pledged to protect the rights of the millions of people from minority groups who are being stripped of their voting rights by conservative lawmakers at local levels and

The U.S. democratic system has been under attack in the view of George Soros which is one of the main reasons for his decision to return to the level of political giving he once described as “odious’. Soros has already provided his financial support to the End Citizens United campaign in the buildup to the 2016 elections and kept a promise to Clinton made following the decision to back Barrack Obama in the 2008 election campaign. Soros pulled out of the 2008 and 2012 election campaigns as he felt the liberal agenda promised by President Obama had not been delivered upon by the former resident of The White House. In recent interviews, George Soros explained he had not even met President Obama since he won the election and believed his decision to ignore the candidacy of Clinton in 2008 was the wrong one. Completing the liberal agenda he cares so passionately about includes ensuring minority groups in the U.S. are given representation in the criminal justice system and resulted in Soros pledging his support in local elections for Democrats with similar beliefs to his own and learn more about George Soros.

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