Talos Energy Helps Spark Mexico’s Oil Industry

Mexico’s oil and gas industry has been struggling for a while. This is in large part due to the fact that they nationalized the industry in 1938. For almost 80 years, the only company that could sink wells and drill of the coastal waters of Mexico was the nationalized monopoly called Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex). However, due to failing numbers and a suffering Mexican economy, the government finally decided to open up its energy market to private investment again.

In 2015, a bidding process took place in which three companies came out ahead: Talos Energy out of Houston, Premier Oil from London, and Sierra Oil and Gas from Mexico. The international project is under way, with the well being sunk off the Sureste Basin near the state of Tabasco, Mexico. The well is estimated to have anywhere from 100 to 500 million barrels of crude, according to experts. Because of this, combined with the international investment going on, it is attracting a lot of industry attention.

The split of the profits will go to the companies in certain percentages. Sierra will receive 40%, Talos 35%, and Premier 25%. Time will tell how successful the project is, but the geology and location of the well promise great results, industry experts predict and more information click here.

Talos Energy is leading the way on the project. The Houston-based company was founded from former oil and gas employees of another holding firm. With hundreds of millions of dollars of investment, they started the company and have since grown it rapidly. They have already acquired another oil and gas company called Helix Energy Solutions for $600 million and what Talos Energy knows.

The company’s main focus is on the discovery, drilling, and production of oil off the Gulf Coast and Gulf of Mexico. The company is already growing with an estimated $500 of revenue this year. Thanks to the private company’s growth, employees are well compensated by having a share of the equity. The management says this motivates people to get along as a team. In addition to the finances, there are additional perks such as daycares at the office and happy hours to relax on Fridays and Talos Energy’s lacrosse camp.

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Frontera Fund: Towards Greater Awareness of Immigrant Rights

Over the years, efforts aimed at pushing back against various pro-immigrant rights programs and initiatives have rarely moved beyond public proclamations by anti-immigrant political leaders and various entities. However, the election of Donald J. Trump as the president of the United States has significantly changed this common narrative. One immigrant integration program that has come under sustained attacks from various quarters is the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Established five years ago, the program has achieved numerous milestones when it comes to helping undocumented youths integrate into the American society through study, work and in some cases, both. The program currently has over 800,000 beneficiaries.


DACA program beneficiaries are currently facing uncertainties as some political leaders have launched a full frontal attack against the organization. These leaders including Ken Paxton, the Texan attorney general, have issued an ultimatum to President Trump’s administration. In a letter signed by a governor and nine attorneys drawn primarily from GOP-leaning states, Ken Paxton has threatened legal action against the administration and the organization if the president does not annul the organization by 5 September 2017. In their letter, the leaders proposed that the program be scrapped off in phases. The process should begin with stopping new applications and renewals before totally rescinding it. Secretary John Kelly of Homeland Security acknowledged the growing legal push back against the program during a consensus and consultative closed-door meeting with the Hispanic Caucus.


Frontera Fund’s Pushing Back Against Anti-immigrant Rights Efforts


On the backdrop on the sustained attacks on immigrant rights including the proposed building of a wall between Mexico and U.S. border, Frontera Fund has emerged as a champion of immigrant rights in Arizona. In the ongoing push back against organizations and programs supporting immigrant rights such as the DACA program, the Frontera Fund has offered to support these organizations especially financially to ensure they survive the onslaught and continue to dispense their very crucial roles.


The decision to support these organizations and initiatives is symbolic. The Phoenix, Arizona-based fund was founded using a settlement fee from a legal case involving infringement on First Amendment rights of two journalists who had written exposures on how Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio was waging a racially-charged against Latino immigrants. Following their arrests by the deputies from Maricopa County who were armed with unconstitutional grand jury subpoenas, Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin embarked on a protracted court battle against Maricopa County. They eventually won the battle a few years later and were paid $3.75 million by Maricopa County as settlement fee. It is this money that they dedicated to fighting human rights causes in Arizona.



Finding George Soros in the Detials

A Pattern For George Soros

It’s interesting when entering the professional field of a billionaire.

No matter how hard others work on Wall Street, the prospects for real returns is only a prospect. Few ever reach the status of constant returns when betting against the markets. Whether your trades are in equity, currency or stock speculation, the success of professionals like George Soros does have a pattern.

As much as it pleases us to reveal the “super powers” of George Soros, the success he’s had in finance comes from a pattern of trading that George started early. And it may take an early jumpstart for you and others to create the same exit in life. The one fact George would want you to understand is that his success can be modeled as yours and read full article.


To Beat The Street That Made You

George Soros grew up looking at the United States and from far away. He and the prospects of Wall Street were not on the same block so-to-speak. But this didn’t stop a young man from uncovering the level of education he’d need to make it in the financial world.

Year after year, young men, like who Mr. Soros was, reach and reach for their own prospects of greatness in the financial world. It wa from the shores of the United Kingdom that George Soros made his own pledge for pursuing his fortune. He was also looking from a London School of Economics’ window as he had the thought and learn more about Soros.

What eventually led Mr. Soros to beat the street is his smarts in currency speculation.


A Trick Only For The Trade

As if George Soros had anything to hide, the one trick up this man’s sleeve is a quick reflection in the fiat markets. The currency value of printed money is subject to value fluctuations and for all nations who print bills of any kind. Because these bills have value, investors can actually purchase units of them and then sell that value later and Soros’s lacrosse camp.

When to buy and sell are all based on your understanding. The understanding of Mr. Soros and in currency speculation was one of his first claims to billions and in one trade. But the details are still lost in jargon that only financial professionals can decipher and Follow.

So for now, we’ll call this a trick only for the trade of George Soros.

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Dez Perez

The worldwide media and music outlet is believed to be a behemoth. In 2016 alone, incomes for this part were assessed at being an amazing $17.2 billion, which is an astonishing more than 33% of industry incomes for this division around the world. It is an exceedingly aggressive industry where loafers will never flourish. Influential positions in this industry are prevalent possessed by guys, yet hard-driving ladies. For example, business visionary, ability supervisor and maker, Desiree Perez has demonstrated herself to be deserving of a seat at the table. The substance of the business is beginning to change very fast, yet not as fast as Des Perez and her associates might would like it to and learn more about Des Perez.

Dez Perez is believed to be a huge piece of a select hover of the business’ greatest shakers and movers. When you hear Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, Dez Perez’s name definitely is going to come up somewhere in the conversation. That is also saying that Perez has been a basic piece of Jay-Z’s push to grow his business advantages, in the business, for well more than 22 years and Des Perez’s lacrosse camp.

In the same way as other fruitful organizations, Carter’s domain comprises of different corporate substances, dealing with tons of various open door specialties from ability improvement all the way to music generation and show visit administration. In any case, paying little mind to the specialty, Dez Perez has been and continues on to be a piece of the free for all, focusing on enhancing benefits for the organization and its speculators. All of this is achieved while Perez helps to guarantee the most extreme advancement of the ability that is depending on her care. Dez Perez is beginning to prove that she is one woman that anyone can trust in and so far she has proved this correct and resume her.

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The Making Of A Strong And Resilient Financial Institution

Most people do not make Trabuco as someone who can lead a large institution such as Bradesco. In fact, most of the bank executives are graduates in engineering, accounting, economics, and administration but Trabuco graduated in philosophy and later did his post graduate studies in socio-psychology.

Trabuco started working at Bradesco as a clerk in 1969, and two years later, he moved to San Paulo and worked at the head quarters. In 1984, he was the director of marketing, and between 1992 and 1998, he was serving as the director of marketing.

In his acting capacity, he was among those who were responsible for modernizing the bank’s publicity by opening it up to the media. Later in 1992 to 1998, he served as the director and president of the Bradesco Private Pension Company and then became the executive vice president in 1999. In 2003, he became the president of Bradesco, a position he held until today. Given that the insurer’s headquarters is in Reo de Janeiro, Trabuco had to live on the air bridge. Also, he is a member of the bank’s board of directors.

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The changes within the financial sector

After being elected to head one of the biggest insurers, Trabuco has done a lot to change its current operation. First, he has been a member of the organization for over 40 years and this means that he had a good grasp of its operation. Trabuco will still need the approval of the council after the outgoing president Cipriano left the institution after working for about 10 years. Trabuco successor did a lot to improve Bradesco operation by buying ten banks which included BMC, Boavista, and Spanish BBVA. This aggressive investment in opening branches led to the doubling of the volume of credit.

Although Bradesco had doubled up the credit volume, it was still stalling when it comes to maintaining market leadership, and given the loss recorded prior to Luiz Carlos Trabuco joining as president, it had a strong impact on the board. The greatest concern for the company is that it doesn’t have a lot of options to grow through acquisition in the country. According to analysts, Bradesco could target medium sized private banks such as Safra, but its sale is unlikely given the huge losses suffered by the crisis.

Creating a sustainable institution

Trabuco will also be joining the institution in an unfavorable economic environment since the countries financial market has a lot of difficulties abroad. Also, the level of activities is decelerating rapidly in Brazil and this is thought to have a huge impact on the balance sheets. The loans growth is also expected to be lower compared to the year 2007 and 2008, and this is likely to affect profitability.

According to estimates by Credit Suisse, one of the largest Swiss banks, Bradesco’s returns to equity is valued at 21.3% in 2008 compared to 23.4% in 2009, but it’s expected that Bradesco will still remain a stiff competitor despite losing its leadership to a private bank.

Learn more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco: http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/mercado/2014/03/1425150-luiz-carlos-trabuco-e-eleito-vice-presidente-do-conselho-do-bradesco.shtml

Eric Lefkofsky Using Tempus in the Drive to Cure Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky is a 47 year old billionaire, according to Forbes magazine. He is an entrepreneur who has started many highly successful businesses. For example, he is co-founder and chairman of both Tempus and Groupon. In addition, he launched Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, Mediaocean, and Uptake. This graduate of the the University of Michigan, both undergraduate and law school, has been the driving force behind businesses that have dramatically changed the world.

One area that Lefkofsky has emphasized in both his business dealings and his charity work is the cure for cancer. He and his wife Liz have donated millions of dollars through their Lefkofsky Family Foundation to the research and cure of cancer. Specifically, they donated $1 million to the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center at Northwestern University. Other donations include $1.2 million to his alma mater, the University of Michigan, for cancer research, money for gastric cancer research at Stanford University, and funds for breast cancer research at New York’s Weill Cornell Medicine.

So it is only natural that Lefkofsky would take his talents and put them to use with a company that uses technology and data to solve cancer. Tempus is a company that he started for the sole purpose of assisting in the cure for cancer. This is an area where he believes that modern technology, specifically data, has not been properly utilized. The idea behind Tempus is use data about a specific patient to provide an individualized treatment plan. Information produced at the molecular level can provide invaluable information that can make a cure for cancer a reality.

The first area that Tempus uses is sequencing, which involves genomes that allow a physician to understand the specifics of a patient’s tumor. The second area is analytics which is a process where the proprietary algorithms assess and compare the cancer in one person with other data bases to more fully understand the nature of the illness which leads to more specific and focused treatment. Validation comes next, as Tempus strives to make sure everything it develops can be proved. In other words, they want to make sure what they have found is true and will work for each patient. The final area is reporting. Tempus sends a detailed report to the physician based upon the results in the prior three areas. That report is data driven and details the proposed treatment and learn more about Eric Lefkofsky.

Eric Lefkofsky is dedicated to bringing cancer treatment up to the same level as technology in other areas of life. He sees Tempus as the vehicle to do just that and more information click here.

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Results of a Podcast Advertising Study

The results of some advertising tests which involved established and top five consumer brands ranging in five various product and service categories were recently announced . Norman Patizz, the Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, and Tom Webster who is the Vice President of Strategy at Edison Research made the announcement. This study is the first of its kind, a campaign brand lift for advertisers in Podcasts. This study was carried out in the second half of the year 2016. The study certainly showed a very important and notable effect of podcast advertising on various situations such as the intent to purchase goods, brand recall, among others.


The major findings from the study that was conducted are that more than 60 percent of the listeners seemed to talk about a grocery brand which is a specific brand post campaign, which was up from seven percent which was among the listeners in the campaign.


The awareness pertaining unaided product seemed to have increased between the study and the post-study by 47 percent for the products pertaining financial services. It also grew by 37 percent for the vehicles aftermarket goods and by 24 percentage pertaining garden and lawn products.


Moreover, in the post study campaign, over one-third of the respondents involved had a positively inclined opinion pertaining vehicle aftermarket product. This was an increase from 18 percent in the earlier study. However, in the post-study undertaken, 22 percent had also a degree of being positive-minded inclined to their likelihood of considering the use of a lawn and garden product. Interesting to note, it was an increase from 16 percent in the later study.


Another finding from the study is that an increase of 60 percent from the study in the awareness of a campaign which was specifically for Automobiles product. At the same time, an increase of 76 percent for a casual dining restaurant was recorded.


The Edison Research had performed three different studies in 2016 which was on behalf of PodcastOne. The studies were aimed at examining the efficiency and effectiveness of the use of podcast advertising for five national brands. Among this brands, some were popular however they were starting off new messaging services, while others were upcoming and lesser popular brands which were searching for a boost in awareness and trial. In all this scenario, the results of all studies showed the podcast’s audience was receptive to brand messaging.


Norman Pattiz is the founder of PodcastOne. He has over 40 years of experience in the field of radio syndication. Important to note, he’s also the founder of WestwoodOne. In the year 2000, he was appointed by President Clinton and later reappointed in 2002 by President Bush to the Broadcasting Board of Governors which oversees nonmilitary broadcasting.


To learn more, read http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/podcastone-chairman-norman-pattiz-announces-results-of-networks-brand-lift-studies-conducted-by-edison-research-300405404.html.

Hutchinson Brings His Passion of the Wild to You

Mark Hutchinson’s love for the wild is not a newfound passion. The Australian native’s earliest memories of the wild consist of herding sheep, riding horses, and fly-fishing. His passion for nature and wild animals is something that has grown in him, just as any other personality characteristic would grow. After attending the University of Sydney, and receiving a Bachelor of Economics, he started his own company, UNTAMED.


UNTAMED reached success, by bringing nature and adventure to people from all backgrounds. During Hutchinson’s time with UNTAMED, he met his life partner Sophie. Hutchinson was surprised how much he loved the task of bringing nature to people. With UNTAMED, he reached a better understanding how eco-tourism works. After UNTAMED, Hutchinson transitioned to work at Avana, an eco-tourism training company for guides. He soon realized that he needed to focused his efforts back on his passion for preserving nature with conservation efforts. Learn more: http://www.canberratimes.com.au/good-weekend/save-the-elephants-how-we-turned-a-corner-on-the-ivory-trade-20170516-gw5so2.html


Hutchinson then founded WildArk. WildArk’s mission is to buy, protect, and restore precious bio-diverse lands. Their funds come from tourism efforts, similar to UNTAMED. They bring people of all walks of life to various wild locations, and provide them with expert guides, in order to experience the grand outdoors.


Hutchinson is continuing his own education, in order to better serve WildArk. He is working on his Masters of Conservation, in an effort to learn more about the language that policy makers in conversation use. His passion for the wild and nature stretches from his personal life to his professional life. He raises his children with Sophie near the Australian bush and beaches. His everyday life includes spotting birds with his children and surfing the waves of Sydney. His conservation efforts with WildArk has influenced his own children. His eldest has earned level 1 field guide through Ecotraining. Certainly, Hutchinson’s efforts will continue to affect generations of species and people for years to come. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/mark-hutchinson/


Aloha Construction: A Leading Siding and Roofing Contractor in Illinois

In a bid to meet the growing demand for their roofing and siding services in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin, Aloha Construction has put in motion strategic plans that has seen it establish new office to effectively serve its clients.

The new office is fully staffed with siding and roofing professionals. The office was to be launched in early May 2017 and be located in Lake Zurich, Illinois where the company also has its headquarters. The strategic move will see Aloha Construction meet the projected growth in demand for its services during the coming high season. Through the new offices, Aloha Construction plans to offer services such as kitchen remodeling, natural disaster aid and basement remodeling. The company also plans to use the new office to offer bathroom remodeling, natural disaster cleanup, water extraction and interior restoration. The planned expansion is informed by the growing number of kitchens remodeling services the company has offered over the years. the number of projects completed by the company has also increased from 7,000 in 2013 to 20,000 in 2015. It is also part of the company’s expansion efforts, which also include upgrading of their website.


Aloha Construction: Company Profile


 Aloha Construction is a family-owned, privately held sole proprietorship founded in 2008. Headquartered in Lake Zurich, Illinois, the company has adopted a customer-centric service delivery approach that has seen it receive an accreditation rating of A+ by the Better Business Bureau. Its focus on high quality service delivery has seen it offer its clients a remarkable 10-year Craftsmanship Warranty while several boards have accredited the company. They include Building Trades Association (BTA) and Chicago Roofing Contractors Association (CRCA) and.


Their services, which include vinyl siding, roofing, and storm drainage are fully insured and bonded. The company also specializes in flood and wind damage control and management. Aloha Construction also specializes in seamless gutters.





How Eva Moskowitz, a Leader of School Reforms Has Managed To Accomplish Great Things

Eva Sarah Moskowitz has managed to build the largest ever seen charter-school network in New York City in less than a decade. The network has 34 campuses that serve approximately 11,000 children, and more are enrolling each year. Eva’s success academies are producing excellent results throughout New York.


Taking a look at the highest proficiency scores in New York, you notice that five of the top ten students in mathematics are from Success Academy. Similarly, three students in the top 20 list in English come from Success Academy. That is despite the fact that a majority of the 11,000 students come from low-income families where parents struggle to pay for their tuition, and usually begin their education with some strikes against them.


Eva’s background

Eva Moskowitz was raised in a family where both parents were professors, and they put higher education their top most priority. Eva Moskowitz was educated in Harlem public schools. After she had graduated with her Ph.D., Eva Moskowitz ran for the New York City Council armed with the determination to change the situation at public schools. Eva Moskowitz earned a name as fearless, hard-nosed advocate for accountability and higher standards in learning institutions across the U.S. She faced a lot of challenges during her campaigns as it was not easy to sail through the ineffective public sector.


After she had been fed up with the status quo, Eva Moskowitz decided to take her advocacy to another level by using the philanthropic money to establish her first charter school in Harlem in the year 2006. Her extraordinary success with the poor and underprivileged children put the educational establishment on their toes as they wanted to do something to avoid the embarrassment. Due to her strong stand, Eva Moskowitz became the number one enemy of the teachers union. Eva Moskowitz has so far managed to stand on her feet to become the voice of the voiceless and continues to achieve tremendous accomplishments in success academy.