Results of a Podcast Advertising Study

The results of some advertising tests which involved established and top five consumer brands ranging in five various product and service categories were recently announced . Norman Patizz, the Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, and Tom Webster who is the Vice President of Strategy at Edison Research made the announcement. This study is the first of its kind, a campaign brand lift for advertisers in Podcasts. This study was carried out in the second half of the year 2016. The study certainly showed a very important and notable effect of podcast advertising on various situations such as the intent to purchase goods, brand recall, among others.


The major findings from the study that was conducted are that more than 60 percent of the listeners seemed to talk about a grocery brand which is a specific brand post campaign, which was up from seven percent which was among the listeners in the campaign.


The awareness pertaining unaided product seemed to have increased between the study and the post-study by 47 percent for the products pertaining financial services. It also grew by 37 percent for the vehicles aftermarket goods and by 24 percentage pertaining garden and lawn products.


Moreover, in the post study campaign, over one-third of the respondents involved had a positively inclined opinion pertaining vehicle aftermarket product. This was an increase from 18 percent in the earlier study. However, in the post-study undertaken, 22 percent had also a degree of being positive-minded inclined to their likelihood of considering the use of a lawn and garden product. Interesting to note, it was an increase from 16 percent in the later study.


Another finding from the study is that an increase of 60 percent from the study in the awareness of a campaign which was specifically for Automobiles product. At the same time, an increase of 76 percent for a casual dining restaurant was recorded.


The Edison Research had performed three different studies in 2016 which was on behalf of PodcastOne. The studies were aimed at examining the efficiency and effectiveness of the use of podcast advertising for five national brands. Among this brands, some were popular however they were starting off new messaging services, while others were upcoming and lesser popular brands which were searching for a boost in awareness and trial. In all this scenario, the results of all studies showed the podcast’s audience was receptive to brand messaging.


Norman Pattiz is the founder of PodcastOne. He has over 40 years of experience in the field of radio syndication. Important to note, he’s also the founder of WestwoodOne. In the year 2000, he was appointed by President Clinton and later reappointed in 2002 by President Bush to the Broadcasting Board of Governors which oversees nonmilitary broadcasting.


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