Hutchinson Brings His Passion of the Wild to You

Mark Hutchinson’s love for the wild is not a newfound passion. The Australian native’s earliest memories of the wild consist of herding sheep, riding horses, and fly-fishing. His passion for nature and wild animals is something that has grown in him, just as any other personality characteristic would grow. After attending the University of Sydney, and receiving a Bachelor of Economics, he started his own company, UNTAMED.


UNTAMED reached success, by bringing nature and adventure to people from all backgrounds. During Hutchinson’s time with UNTAMED, he met his life partner Sophie. Hutchinson was surprised how much he loved the task of bringing nature to people. With UNTAMED, he reached a better understanding how eco-tourism works. After UNTAMED, Hutchinson transitioned to work at Avana, an eco-tourism training company for guides. He soon realized that he needed to focused his efforts back on his passion for preserving nature with conservation efforts. Learn more:


Hutchinson then founded WildArk. WildArk’s mission is to buy, protect, and restore precious bio-diverse lands. Their funds come from tourism efforts, similar to UNTAMED. They bring people of all walks of life to various wild locations, and provide them with expert guides, in order to experience the grand outdoors.


Hutchinson is continuing his own education, in order to better serve WildArk. He is working on his Masters of Conservation, in an effort to learn more about the language that policy makers in conversation use. His passion for the wild and nature stretches from his personal life to his professional life. He raises his children with Sophie near the Australian bush and beaches. His everyday life includes spotting birds with his children and surfing the waves of Sydney. His conservation efforts with WildArk has influenced his own children. His eldest has earned level 1 field guide through Ecotraining. Certainly, Hutchinson’s efforts will continue to affect generations of species and people for years to come. Learn more: