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Haroldo Jacobovicz Predicts The Future Of The E-Commerce Industry

May 18, 2021

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Currently, most eyes are being raised upon the e-commerce sector. This is due to the significance of this vibrant sector towards the growth of the world economy. It is true that the technology industry is currently running the entire globe. Haroldo Jacobovicz is among the people doing an assessment of the e-commerce sector and its growth rate.

According to Jacobovicz, the e-commerce sector is developing into the most important field, and it will soon replace the ancient retail business that is still dominating different parts of the world. However, this will be more successful in the regions that have made good use of modern technology. Haroldo Jacobovicz has been on the watch out since when the e-commerce industry was being developed.

Since Haroldo Jacobovicz has been in the industry for too long, he says that many people firmly believed that this industry would not grow. Also, many said that the e-commerce industry is not capable of accomplishing what the traditional retail sector has done to the world. Besides, it is true that the traditional retail operation is still dominant across the globe since not all countries have established modern technology.

Haroldo Jacobovicz says that even though the e-commerce industry is growing slowly, it will eliminate the traditional retail operations within the next few years. Upon looking at the growth range attained by the e-commerce sector, you will realize that there are high chances of the technology sector to take control over the entire globe.

Jacobovicz appreciates the e-commerce sector following the achievements it has made in the current world. Note that Jacobovicz is among the founder members of the new technology in Brazil and other parts of the world. He instigated the Microsystem back in 1982, which did not work as he expected. He went further and established the Horizons Telecom, which is currently booming in Brazil. Go Here for related Information.